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Organisation for SoCraTes UK 2018s is well underway. We will be using this wiki to help you self-organise and capture information about the event.

  • Hashtag: #socratesUK (case-insensitive)

  • Slack (channel #socratesuk)

  • Programme (will be updated regularly throughout the weekend)



  • Contact: For any problems during your stay, please contact the organisers


Day Pass holders


Bear in mind taxis often only take cash.

Step 1: Buddy Up

If you registered for a twin room, you need to tell us with whom you want to share. Head to Room Sharing and put your name on the list. If you don't have anyone in mind, that's OK—just put your name down and we'll help you find a roommate.

Step 2: Start thinking about sessions

SoCraTes UK is run by you. Not us, you. You'll be learning, of course, but you'll also be teaching and sharing experiences with your fellow attendees. We just found a cool space to run the whole thing. As such, it's a good idea to start writing down your thoughts on what sessions you'd like to run or like to attend. You don't need to have run it before (or even have stood up in front of people before)—SoCraTes is a great place to put your ideas forward. Please get your ideas down on the Session Incubation page and register your interest with others' sessions. Perhaps you could even help refine the sessions or volunteer to help facilitate.

On the first evening, we'll also have a space for lightning talks. A lightning talk is a five-minute talk with two minutes for questions in which you talk about whatever you want. You can use slides or a demo if you like, but it's not necessary. It doesn't matter if you've never spoken in front of a crowd; if you want to share something about software but don't need a lot of time to get your point across, this is the perfect avenue to do so. Please register on the Lightning Talks page—the more, the merrier!

Step 3: Come up with ideas for the evenings

We'll be at the venue for three nights, and we want you all to enjoy yourselves and relax in the evenings so your minds are fresh for the daytime. Aside from hitting the bar, ask yourself: what would you like to do with a whole load of other software crafters? Are you a musician or a board game fanatic? Do you have a cool project you'd like to work on as a team? Shout about it on the Evening Events page.

Step 4: Figure out how you're going to get there

SoCraTes UK 2017 starts at 5pm on Thursday 15th June, so you should aim to get there with plenty of time to unpack and freshen up. Perhaps it's time to start booking train and plane tickets. You're aiming for Dorking station. Don't forget to take the time off work too!

It seems that most people are leaving the conference around 5pm on Sunday 5th of June.

If you want to share a lift to the conference, take a look here.

Step 5: Enjoy the conference

We can't wait to see you there.

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