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Hattshire and alur Duplicated bang key doesn't get erased.
Fix while implementing UnsortedMaps only applied to RemoveBangCommand.
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    LiteStep 0.24.7
    Copyright (c) 2005 - Litestep Development Team

-- PREFACE ------------------------------------------------------------

 Your friendly devteam is proud to announce the release of Litestep
 0.24.7 Final. Changes since Release Candidate 4 are listed below as
 usual. Refer to changes.txt for a list of changes since 0.24.6. Refer
 to release_notes.txt for complete documentation on this release.

-- CHANGES SINCE RELEASE CANDIDATE 4 ----------------------------------

 - Fixed issues with module threading

 - Fixed !Recycle/!ReloadModule/!UnloadModule lockups

 - Removed the "nopump" modifier from LoadModule

 - Changed setting "LSTrayService" introduced in RC 2 to

 - Made "LSAutoHideModules" update on Recycle

 - Updated release notes

 - Updated build instructions

-- FINAL WORDS --------------------------------------------------------

 Thanks to the LiteStep Community for all the positive feedback and
 support; and for the endless patience. It has taken a long time, but
 LiteStep 0.24.7 has finally arrived.

 Please send any suggestions or bug reports to the LS Mailing List or
 use the forums.

 Happy LiteStepping,

 - The Litestep Development Team