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*virtualenv.txt* Activate a python virtualenv within Vim
Author: Jeremy Cantrell <> *virtualenv-author*
License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)
INTRODUCTION *virtualenv* *virtualenv.vim*
The virtualenv plugin allows you to activate and deactivate a virtualenv
within a live Vim session.
COMMANDS *virtualenv-commands*
VirtualEnvList List all available virtualenvs.
VirtualEnvDeactivate Deactivate the current virtualenv.
VirtualEnvActivate [name] Activate a virtualenv. The name of the virtualenv
can be completed with <tab> at the command line.
If name is not specified, and you have
$PROJECT_HOME set, the name will be guessed based
on the current filename.
CONFIGURATION *virtualenv-configuration*
g:virtualenv_loaded *g:virtualenv_loaded*
If set in your |vimrc|, virtualenv.vim is not loaded.
g:virtualenv_directory *g:virtualenv_directory*
The directory that contains the virtualenvs. If you're a virtualenvwrapper
user and you have $WORKON_HOME set, it will default to this. Otherwise it
will default to ~/.virtualenvs.
g:virtualenv_auto_activate *g:virtualenv_auto_activate*
If set, an attempt will be made to detect any active virtualenv, and
activate it.
Example: >
let g:virtualenv_directory = '/path/to/virtualenvs'
g:virtualenv_stl_format *g:virtualenv_stl_format*
Format string for the statusline function.
Example: >
let g:virtualenv_stl_format = '[%n]'
To use the statusline flag, this must appear in your |'statusline'| setting: >
Alternatively, you may display the statusline flag only if the current
filetype is python using: >
The content is derived from the |g:virtualenv_stl_format| variable.
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