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app.rb guard condition Push current directory into loadpath for 1.9.2
init.rb YARD Doc Server is the next generation Ruby doc server, replacing and This doc server uses YARD to generate project documentation on the fly, for both published RubyGems as well as GitHub projects.

The public doc server is hosted at

Getting Started

This site is a public service and is community-supported. Patches and enhancements are welcome.

Running the doc server locally is easy:

$ git clone git://
$ cd
$ bundle install
$ rake gems:update
$ rackup

Contributors was created by Loren Segal (YARD) and Nick Plante ( Additional help was provided by:

  • Jeff Rafter (
  • Brian Turnbull (
  • Lee Jarvis
  • Sebastian Staudt
  • Nicos Gollan
  • Joel Melegrito - for identifying an XSS vulnerability fixed by 2aafffc16d
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