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<div id="content" class="scm fof">
<% if settings.stdlib_adapter.libraries.has_key?(@libname) %>
<h2 class="nomargin">We Couldn't Find That Page</h2>
<p>Sorry, but we couldn't find the page <strong><%= request.path %></strong> in <strong><%= @libname %></strong>. Are you sure that class, method, or file exists?</p>
<% else %>
<h2 class="nomargin">We Couldn't Find That Library</h2>
<p>We can't seem to find any versions for the <strong><%= @libname %></strong>. Are you sure you typed it correctly?</p>
<% end %>
<p>You can also see a list of the stdlib <a href="/stdlib">here</a>.</p>
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