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# frozen_string_literal: true
require File.expand_path('../lib/yard/version', __FILE__) do |s| = "yard"
s.summary = "Documentation tool for consistent and usable documentation in Ruby."
s.description = <<-eof
YARD is a documentation generation tool for the Ruby programming language.
It enables the user to generate consistent, usable documentation that can be
exported to a number of formats very easily, and also supports extending for
custom Ruby constructs such as custom class level definitions.
s.version = YARD::VERSION ='%Y-%m-%d') = "Loren Segal" = ""
s.homepage = ""
s.platform = Gem::Platform::RUBY
s.files = Dir.glob("{docs,bin,lib,spec,templates,benchmarks}/**/*") +
['', 'LICENSE', 'LEGAL', '', 'Rakefile', '.yardopts', __FILE__]
s.require_paths = ['lib']
s.executables = ['yard', 'yardoc', 'yri']
s.license = 'MIT' if s.respond_to?(:license=)
s.metadata[''] = 'yri'
s.post_install_message = <<-eof
As of YARD v0.9.2:
RubyGems "--document=yri,yard" hooks are now supported. You can auto-configure
YARD to automatically build the yri index for installed gems by typing:
$ yard config --gem-install-yri
See `yard config --help` for more information on RubyGems install hooks.
You can also add the following to your .gemspec to have YARD document your gem
on install:
spec.metadata[""] = "yri" # use "yard" to build full HTML docs.