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@@ -33,24 +33,24 @@ The `SourceParser` class API is optimized for parsing globs of files. As such,
the main method to use the class is the `parse` class method, which takes an
array of file globs or a single file glob.
- YARD::SourceParser.parse('spec_*.rb')
- YARD::SourceParser.parse(['spec_*.rb', '*_helper.rb'])
+ YARD::Parser::SourceParser.parse('spec_*.rb')
+ YARD::Parser::SourceParser.parse(['spec_*.rb', '*_helper.rb'])
This is equivalent to the convenience method {YARD.parse}:
In some cases (ie. for testing), it may be more helpful to parse a string of input
-directly. In such a case, the method {YARD::SourceParser.parse_string} should be
+directly. In such a case, the method {YARD::Parser::SourceParser.parse_string} should be
- YARD::SourceParser.parse_string("def method(a, b) end")
+ YARD::Parser::SourceParser.parse_string("def method(a, b) end")
Because no filename information is given, this method allows the setting of the
parser type as an argument:
# Parses a string of C (not implemented)
- YARD::SourceParser.parse_string("int main() { }", :c)
+ YARD::Parser::SourceParser.parse_string("int main() { }", :c)
The Two Ruby Parser Types

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