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  3. +1 −1  lib/yard/version.rb
@@ -7,8 +7,8 @@
**Contributors**: See Contributors section below
**Copyright**: 2007-2013
**License**: MIT License
-**Latest Version**: 0.8.6
-**Release Date**: April 13th 2013
+**Latest Version**:
+**Release Date**: April 14th 2013
## Synopsis
@@ -283,6 +283,11 @@ More options can be seen by typing `yard graph --help`, but here is an example:
## Changelog
+- **April.14.13**: release
+ - Fixed broken links in File menu on default HTML template
+ - Added --layout switch to `yard display` to wrap output in layout template.
+ - See {file:docs/} for more information on added features.
- **April.13.13**: 0.8.6 release
- Various fixes and improved Ruby 2.x compatibility support
- Added support for `asciidoc` markup type
25 docs/
@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@
16. **Added `-B/--bind` to bind to a port in yard server** (0.8.4)
17. **Added `asciidoc` markup type support** (0.8.6)
18. **Added `yard markups` command to list available markup types** (0.8.6)
-18. **Added `yard display` command to display formatted objects** (0.8.6)
+19. **Added `yard display` command to display formatted objects** (0.8.6)
+20. **Added `--layout` to `yard display` command** (
## Directives (new behavioural tag syntax) (0.8.0)
@@ -319,7 +320,8 @@ provider library, pass the `-M PROVIDER_NAME` option.
## Added `yard display` command to display formatted objects (0.8.6)
<p class="note">This feature requires the .yardoc registry to have already been
- generated. To generate the registry, run <code>yard doc -n</code>.</p>
+ generated. To generate the registry, run <code>yard doc -n</code>.
You can now display a single object (or a list of objects) in the YARD registry
using the `yard display OBJECT ...` command. For example, to display the
@@ -336,6 +338,25 @@ web browser:
Custom templating options from `yard doc` can also be used, see
`yard display --help` for more options.
+## Added `--layout` to `yard display` command (
+The `yard display` command now accepts `--layout` to wrap content in a layout
+template. Currently the `layout` and `onefile` layout templates are supported,
+though any template can be used. If no parameter is specified, the layout will
+default to the `layout` template. Example usage:
+ $ yard display --layout onefile -f html YARD::CodeObjects > codeobjects.html
+The above generates a `codeobjects.html` file that is self-contained with
+CSS stylesheets and JavaScript code. This is similar to calling
+`yard doc --one-file` with only the YARD::CodeObjects object in the registry.
+Note that even though this uses the onefile template, the README file will not
+be auto-included the way it is with the `yard doc` command. To include the
+README text at the top of the onefile template, pass the --readme switch:
+ $ yard display --layout onefile -f html --readme OBJECT > out.html
# What's New in 0.7.x?
1. **Macro support and detection of DSL methods** (0.7.0)
2  lib/yard/version.rb
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@
module YARD
- VERSION = "0.8.6"
+ VERSION = ""
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