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Add CONSTANTSTART regular expression

Prior to this commit, the regular expression used in the proxy_path
method was hard coded. In addition to be inconsistent with the rest
of the regular expressions in CodeObjects::Proxy (which use the constants
defined in CodeObjects::Base), this also meant that it was not possible
to patch the regular expressions to accommodate namespaces in other

In order to fix these issues, add a CONSTANTSTART regex constant that
matches the first letter of constants that begin with an uppercase letter.
latest commit 40b8520a08
@hkenney hkenney authored
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cli exclude README* editor backup file on yardoc execution
code_objects Add CONSTANTSTART regular expression
core_ext The great whitespace fix of 2012
handlers Keep attribute documentation for structs.
i18n Add spec for I18n::PotGenerator about overload tag
rake add stats_options for YardocTask, simplifies rake task definitions fo…
rubygems Don't test RubyGems plugin in RubyGems 2.0
serializers Fix warning
server Fixed a failing test in spec/server/doc_server_serialize_spec.rb. Win…
tags Collect quoted values as single type item.
templates Turned on the lax spacing option of Redcarpet to comply with the Mark…
config_spec.rb Put ARGV back after test
docstring_parser_spec.rb Cleanup after docstring parser spec
docstring_spec.rb More robust Docstring summary
logging_spec.rb Parser backtraces should be logged in warn level
options_spec.rb Ensure that defaults are inherited from parent class
registry_spec.rb i18n: add --po-dir option
registry_store_spec.rb i18n: add --po-dir option
server_spec.rb Add YARD::Server.register_static_path to register a static asset look…
spec_helper.rb Support for named arguments of Ruby >= 2.1
verifier_spec.rb Fix verifier supporting namespaced tags with special @{tag} syntax
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