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Odyssey of the Mind Site

About the site

This is a site I made a long time ago when I was an Odyssey of the Mind coach for my brother's team. Odyssey of the Mind is a creative-problem solving competition, with elementary through high-school kids around the world participating.

I recently discoverd that my cousins, who are in grade school, are now participating in the program, and that their dad (also my cousin) is their school's coach. They were looking for practice problems, and someone handed them a photocopied printout of this site that coaches had been passing around for years. Kids were still using and enjoying the problems that I wrote. So I decided to dig up the original code andrelease it as open source for any current Odyssey of the Mind teams that might find it useful.

My first website

It's also the first real website I ever made.

The design of this site was pretty advanced for the time, given that it was written for an early version of Netscape which recently introduced such advanced features as repeating background images. It features a fun corrugated-cardboard and balsa-wood based theme, inspired by the materials most often used by teams in their solutions.

Web designers can can marvel at the non-HTML5-compliant code full of non-semantic, presentational markup, and realize how far Web coding has advanced. Enjoy all the tables, font tags, and image maps.

If you really want a laugh, look closely at the meta tags.

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