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This repository

A real time health checking tool.

tag: diffa_v1_0
Diffa is a tool that manages real time differences between arbitrary components.

For more information, please see the website:


Diffa uses the Apache license, Version 2.0.


Diffa is maven built using Maven. Currently version 3.0.3 is supported.

Maven Proxy

In order to download artifacts not available in Maven central, you can use the Diffa repository. To do so, 
add the following to your $M2_HOME/settings.xml:

In the profiles block:


And in the activeProfiles block:


Diffa is written mostly in Scala. Due to Scala's class post-processing mechanism, we tend to find that the default Perm Gen settings get exhausted quite quickly.
So before you perform any of the Maven commands, please give the JVM a little more Perm Gen:

On Unix:

    export MAVEN_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=512m

Or on Windows:

    set MAVEN_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=512m

This is also documented in the README.maven_opts.txt file for an easy copy and paste.


Please do not overlook the previous note about perm gen. To build Diffa, just use the mvn install command from the root directory:

    $ mvn install

This will run the the test suite that comes with Diffa.

Booting The Agent

The Diffa agent can be run using the Jetty plugin:

    $ cd agent
    $ mvn jetty:run

Booting The Demo Participants

Diffa comes with a demo application that provides two fake participants. This can also be run using the Jetty plugin:

    $ cd participants-web
    $ mvn jetty:run

License Checking

Diffa uses the maven license plugin ( to check that the license files are up to date.

To run the license check:

    $ mvn -e license:format -Dyear=2010

To reformat each file according to the header file:

    $ mvn -e license:format -Dyear=2010
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