Netbeans implementation of the Eclipse plugin Multiproperties by Krisztián Zsolt Sallai
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Netbeans implementation of the very useful eclipse plugin "Multiproperties" by Krisztián Zsolt Sallai.

The original eclipse plugin can be found here Multiproperties eclipse plugin

The files written by the eclipse plugin (*.multiproperties) can be edited under netbeans using this plugin.

A Java Web Start for the standalone version can be found at



This plugin is written from scratch, no code sharing with the original plugin.

Not every feature of the original plugin is implemented.

The plugin is available in the netbeans plugin portal MultiProperties netbeans plugin


Some features not found in the original are implemented

  • Possibility to lock down some lines (read only)
  • Merge of two multiproperties file

Compatibility with Eclipse plugin

The netbeans generated files (*.multiproperties) are compatible with the one generated by the Eclipe plugin, but there are some limitation:

  • Only the "Java Properties" and "Android" handlers are supported
  • The relative path are not supported by the eclipse plugin (if you save the java handler with a relative path to the .multiproperties file with netbeans, Eclipse cannot handle it)
  • Additional meta data (like if a field cannot be modified in lockdown mode) is lost when opened with eclipse (file format 1.3 is the version specific to netbeans)

Standalone application

A stand alone version is also available which permits for non developer to start an application and save the multiproperties files.

The standalone version implements the concept of "Session", which is a group of opened files, so it's easy to switch from a group of file to another group of files.

A Java Web Start for the standalone version can be found at


  • Update eclipse plugin to implement the relative path (to the .multiproperties file) for handled save files
  • Update eclipse plugin to implement additional meta-data (field cannot be changed if in lockdown mode)


A ResourceBundle implementation is available to directly use the multiproperties file for localization.


ResourceBundle bundle = ResourceBundle.getBundle("lsimedia/multiproperties/utils/ml", new Locale("fr"), MultiPropertiesResourceBundleControl.Control);  
String key = bundle.getString("word_yes");