A module for the Play! framework that makes it even easier to push Play! applications to dotcloud.
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This module helps you deploy your Play! application to dotcloud.


First, install the module from the Play! module repository like so:

play install dotcloud

Prepare your Play! application

Tell Play! that you want your application to use the dotcloud module by adding it to your conf/dependencies.yml file. It might look like this:

	- play
	- play -> dotcloud 0.3

Now run play dependencies to install the module into your application. Then, create a dotcloud.yml file in your application’s conf directory. The file might look like this:

	type: java
	type: mysql

For more information, consult the dotcloud documentation.

Push to dotcloud

To push to dotcloud, a deployment name is required. Either give it at the command line (--deployment myapp) or add it to your application.conf (dotcloud.deployment=myapp). From the Play! application’s root directory, you may then issue

play dotcloud:deploy

to push the current version of your application to dotcloud.

By default, application will be pushed using prod id. If you want to deploy using a different id, please specify it in your conf/application.conf (dotcloud.id=your_id).

Specify a MySQL database

If you want to use a MySQL database also running on dotcloud, this is the format you need to use for specifying the database connection in your application.conf file:



You need to have the dotcloud command line client installed. I only tested this module on Mac OS X — it should work on all platforms supported by Play!, however.

This module only works for applications that contain a single Java service. If your application uses multiple Java services, you need to use the dotcloud CLI. For example, you might have a “frontend” Play! application and a “backend” Play! application on the same dotcloud application, each deployed as its own Java service — these setups are not supported by this module. A single Java service paired with something else like a database service works fine, however.

For more information, consult the documentation in this module’s GitHub repository.


0.1: Initial release during dotcloud beta phase.

0.2: Support for new CLI (0.4.x) after dotcloud beta phase.

0.3: Now properly uses the id specified in application.conf, thanks to Burn0ut07!