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Module for the byte conscious (read: obsessed) that creates a convenience function that wraps
* Y.get('window') Y('win') or Y('window') or Y(window)
* Y.get('document') Y('doc') or Y('document') or Y(document)
* Y.all(...) Y('.some[sel=ctor]')
* Y.Node.create(...) Y('<p>String of markup</p>')
Additionally, it overrides the default Y.use behavior to pass the convenience
function as the first parameter to the callback provided as the last arg.
YUI({..}).use(...,'sugar', function (Y) {
// Create the sugar method once (don't use $ if you'll share space with
// another js lib that leverages the $ symbol)
var $ = Y.sugar();
// eq. Y.all('.x').addClass('foo');
// $.use works the same as Y.use, but the first arg is the sugar function
$.use('io-base', function ($) {
// eq.
$.io('sugar.html', {on: { success: function (id, o) {
// eq. Y.all('.x').item(0).appendChild(
// Y.Node.create(..));
$('.x').item(0).appendChild($('<pre>' + o.responseText + '</pre>'));