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The "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
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Symfony Techtalk Edition

This is a fork of the Symfony Standard Edition that adds various Bundles and configuration options that I use for demo purposes.

You can read the original here:

Make sure to switch to the techtalk branch

git checkout techtalk

Then following the installation instructions at the above url.

Make sure to ensure that the app/cache and app/logs directories are write-able for the web server (and also for the CLI):

Please also make the web dir writeable if you want to try out the LiipImagineBundle.

Install the FOSUserBundle schema:

app/console doctrine:schema:create

And the PHPCR Doctrine DBAL schema:

app/console doctrine:phpcr:init:dbal

List of additional bundles and libs:

* doctrine-phpcr-odm, jackalope, jackalope-doctrine-dbal, phpcr, phpcr-utils

* DoctrinePHPCRBundle
* DoctrineFixturesBundle

* FOSUserBundle
* FOSFacebookBundle (and facebook PHP SDK)
* FOSRestBundle (and FOSRest)

* LiipContainerWrapperBundle
* LiipCacheControlBundle
* LiipHelloBundle
* LiipVieBundle (and DMS-Filter)
* LiipHyphenatorBundle (and OrgHeiglHyphenator)
* LiipThemeBundle
* LiipImagineBundle (and imagine lib)
* LiipDoctrineCacheBundle
* LiipFunctionalTestBundle

* JMSAopBundle (and cg-library)
* JMSSerializerBundle
* JMSDebuggingBundle

* BehatBundle (and behat, buzz)
* MinkBundle

* NelmioApiDocBundle

The key Bundle in this list is LiipHelloBundle as it provides usage examples for most of the above mentioned Bundles:

Furthermore this application shows how to customize the app.php/app_dev.php and autoload.php to use the ApcUniversalClassLoader while dropping use of the bootstrap files.

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