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Below are the guidelines given in class for creating an ERD and subsequent database for the Bangazon, LLC organization.

Bangazon Data Model Overview You need to build the ERD and initial data model for the Bangazon, LLC organization. This will be the base database schema that you will be using for many of the applications that will be built for the company.

Instructions: ERD Build an ERD to define the properties of the following resources and the relationships between them. There are some properties defined for each resources, but they are the bare minimum. Use your own life skills and knowledge to add appropriate properties to each one where you see fit.

Technical Note: These are the main resources that are needed in the database and is not an all-inclusive list of tables that should be created.

Employees An employee can only be assigned to one department An employee can sign up for one, or more, training programs

Departments A department has a supervisor, a specific kind of Employee A department has an expense budget

Computers Track when a computer was purchased by the company Track when a computer was decommissioned by the company A computer can only be assigned to one employee at a time If the IT manager buys a brand new laptop for someone who quits in 3 months, he doesn't throw away the computer An employee's computer may malfunction

Training Programs A training program must have a start date A training program must have an end date A training program must have maximum attendees specified

Product Types These are categories of Products

Products A product can only have one type A product has a price A product has a title A product has a description A product has a quantity (e.g. Trey is selling 3 computers) Products will be created by customers, so make sure that you have the appropriate column on the Product table

Orders A customer can only have one active order at a time

Payment Types A customer can have multiple payment types (Visa, Amex, bank account, etc) A payment type must have an account number An order must be given a payment type before it is complete, but it not needed when order is created

Customers A customer's first and last name should be recorded separately The date that a customer created an account must be tracked If a customer does not interact with the system for over 240 days, they will be marked as inactive

Create tables and data Create a SQL script that is able to build the tables that you defined in your ERD. The script must also create a few rows in each table.

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