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City Cache - Nashville Software School Final Capstone

Check out City Cache at

City Cache allows visitors to Chicago to easily find local favorites and to venture into the neighborhoods in order to experience the best of Chicago.



image ABOUT CITY CACHE: A user can view a list of all recommendations immediately upon visiting the site. If the user would like, they can register and login to add their own recommendations. Recommendations can be edited or deleted, but only by the user who created them. A user can add a neighborhood if they would like, or they can just choose 'Other' in the 'Neighborhood' drop-down in the create form. There are three categories of recommendations that the user can choose from while creating recommendations.

One of the best features of this app is that the user can search all recommendations by neighborhood. So if a user finds themselves in a particular neighborhood and isn't sure where to go next, the user can check the app and easily locate all the recommendations in their current neighborhood, whether it be live music, comedy or coffee.

TECHNOLOGIES: C#/ASP.NET w/Entity and Identity CSS and Boostrap

This site is live at:

TO GET THIS PROJECT- Requirements: Microsoft.NET Framework and Visual Studio Directions:

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Navigate to the '.sln' file in the project via gitbash
  3. Start 'final_capstone.sln'
  4. Adjust your app settings in the appsettings.json file to show your server name instead of the current one
  5. Run 'dotnet ef database update' in the command line to get the database for the project
  6. Hit the green 'play' IIS button at the top of Visual Studio to build the project in the browser
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