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Library Union Catalog for Zines
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Welcome to the Zine Union Catalog

😻 (ZineCat or ZUC for short) 😻

On this page, you will find out:

What are we doing and why

There is no one central catalog (a database of library holdings) for searching and finding zines. In the US, provides access to a union catalog, but it is mostly for books, journals, and audio visual materials. Zine and zine collections are not consistently cataloged in WorldCat.

The Zine Union Catalog (ZUC) fills a gap by providing a searchable platform to discover zines and zine collections.

Who are we

We are a group of librarians, zinesters, archivists, zine collectors, zine enthusiasts, and more. 😸 All are welcome!! 😸

For the last two years, Jenna Freedman & Lauren Kehoe have been working on the development of ZineCat through work in their MA in Digital Humanities program at the CUNY Graduate Center, but there are many more involved in the project!

What do we need

  • zine metadata
  • a near comprehensive list of zine collections
  • volunteers
  • a developer for the front and backends of the catalog, run on Collective Access (
  • outreach support

How can you get involved

  • provide feedback
  • donate time
  • donate expertise
  • make a suggestion
  • make a connection
  • make a zine

Please read our:

Get in touch

Find out more


Thank you

Thank you to all the caticorns in the universe that have already gotten involved in building the Zine Union Catalog and thank you to all the future caticorns for their contributions! 😺

Understand the jargon

  • zine
  • catalog
  • union catalog
  • metadata
  • caticorns
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