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Model for Community Engagement in Rubin Observatory Commissioning Science Validation


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Announcement of Opportunity: Community Engagement with Rubin Observatory Commissioning Effort


The Vera C. Rubin Observatory invites members of the US and Chilean LSST science communities to join the Project Commissioning Team in order to make value-added contributions that facilitate an efficient transition into LSST Operations. In this Announcement of Opportunity (AO) we include descriptions of its purpose, examples of value-added contributions, terms and conditions for participation, and the process to respond to this AO via submitted Letters of Interest (LOIs).

The anticipated total value-added contribution via this program is of order 15-20 FTE of effort. This effort will likely be distributed across a larger number of individuals and preferably organized into discrete groups of like interests and skills, and performed over a roughly two-year period that includes calendar years 2022 and 2023. Financial support associated with this AO is limited, and non-Rubin-staff members of the Commissioning Team are generally expected to have other sources of support (limited travel and local accommodation support to enable on-site work at key activity centers in Tucson, SLAC, and Chile can be made available).



This repository includes lsst-texmf as a Git submodule. Clone this repository:

git clone --recurse-submodules

Compile the PDF:


Clean built files:

make clean

Updating acronyms

A table of the technote's acronyms and their definitions are maintained in the acronyms.tex file, which is committed as part of this repository. To update the acronyms table in acronyms.tex:

make acronyms.tex

Note: this command requires that this repository was cloned as a submodule.

The acronyms discovery code scans the LaTeX source for probable acronyms. You can ensure that certain strings aren't treated as acronyms by adding them to the skipacronyms.txt file.

The lsst-texmf repository centrally maintains definitions for LSST acronyms. You can also add new acronym definitions, or override the definitions of acronyms, by editing the myacronyms.txt file.

Updating lsst-texmf

lsst-texmf includes BibTeX files, the lsstdoc class file, and acronym definitions, among other essential tooling for LSST's LaTeX documentation projects. To update to a newer version of lsst-texmf, you can update the submodule in this repository:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Commit, then push, the updated submodule.


Model for Community Engagement in Rubin Observatory Commissioning Science Validation







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