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LSST the Docs: Conveyor

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Conveyor is a common Python library and command-line app for LSST the Docs (LTD) services and clients.

Key features:

  • ltd command-line app.

    The ltd upload subcommand makes it easy to integrate documentation uploads with continuous integration jobs, particularly Travis CI.

  • The ltdconveyor Python package provides APIs for working with LSST the Docs.

    ltdconveyor.s3 subpackage provides S3 object management services. All documentation hosted by LTD is served through the Fastly CDN, which uses S3 object metadata to purge caches. Conveyor ensures that this metadata is properly set by all clients and microservices that upload, copy, or delete objects from S3.

    ltdconveyor.fastly provides Fastly cache management APIs.

    ltdconveyor.keeper provides APIs for working with LTD Keeper's REST API.

You can learn more about LTD in our SQR-006 technote.

Read the docs: