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Jupyter Notebooks curated by SQuaRE for demos and testing
Jupyter Notebook Python
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LSST Catalog Access Tutorial.ipynb
LSST SODA Tutorial.ipynb
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wise_color_color.ipynb Add a notebook that produces a color color plot from WISE May 7, 2019


Jupyter Notebooks curated by SQuaRE for demos and testing

*Note there is a special branch called 'prod' in this repo that is continuously deployed into production. Do not update this branch unless you know what you are doing. (Better instructions that "know what you are doing" will be forthcoming once the workflow settles down).

General setup

Once you have started your jupyterlab session, start a terminal and

cd ~/notebooks git clone

In your JupyterLab fileviewer you will now see a directory called notebook-demo where you will find the following notebooks.

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