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Harvesting Zenodo Metadata with OAI-PMH (DataCite v3)

Zenodio's :mod:`zenodio.harvest` module provides a Pythonic interface to record metadata in a Zenodo community collection. Zenodio uses the standard OAI-PMH harvesting protocol (and specifically retrieves DataCite v3-flavored XML; it's the best and latest metadata standard used by Zenodo).

Quick Start

To quickly show you harvesting metadata from Zenodo works, we'll get records from from LSST Data Management's lsst-dm Community: You begin by providing the community's identifier to :func:`zenodio.harvest.harvest_collection`:

import zenodio.harvest
collection = harvest_collection('lsst-dm')

collection is a :class:`zenodio.harvest.Datacite3Collection` instance for the Zenodo community's record collection. Use its :meth:`~zenodio.harvest.Datacite.records` method to generate :class:`~zenodio.harvest.Datacite3Record` instances for each record stored in the Zenodo community:

for record in collection.records():

Or you can get a list of all records:

records = [r for r in collection.records()]

With these :class:`~zenodio.harvest.Datacite3Record` instances you can access information about individual artifacts on Zenodo through simple class attributes. For example:

record = records[0]

For information about authors, Zenodio provides an :class:`~zenodio.harvest.Author` class. For example:

authors = record.authors
print(','.join([a.last_name for a in authors]))

API Reference

Convenience Functions

.. autofunction:: zenodio.harvest.harvest_collection

Metadata Classes

.. autoclass:: zenodio.harvest.Datacite3Collection

.. autoclass:: zenodio.harvest.Datacite3Record

.. autoclass:: zenodio.harvest.Author