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ts_mtdome is a Commandable SAL Component (CSC) to control the dome for the Simonyi Survey Telescope at the Vera C. Rubin Observatory.


The package is compatible with Vera Rubin LSST DM's scons build system, and the eups package management system. Assuming you have the basic DM stack installed you can do the following, from within the package directory:

  • setup -r . to setup the package and dependencies.
  • scons to build the package and run unit tests.
  • scons install declare to install the package and declare it to eups.
  • package-docs build to build the documentation. This requires documenteer; see building single package docs for installation instructions.

This code uses pre-commit to maintain black formatting and flake8 compliance. To enable this:

  • Run pre-commit install once.
  • If directed, run git config --unset-all core.hooksPath once.