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Set date and remove draft for release

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leannep committed Oct 25, 2018
1 parent 6d72e35 commit 9621883531d2d6edcd8d9d73b6892b139188070f
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% Maintained by Leanne Guy <>

@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@
D.~Petravick, D. Shaw, C.~Slater, M.~Strauss, J.~Swinbank, J.A.~Tyson, M.~Wood-Vasey, and X.~Wu


\setDocCurator{Leanne Guy}
@@ -92,8 +92,7 @@
\addtohist{3.0}{2017-07-03}{Implementation of LCR-962. Reference LSE-61 requirements. Minor clean ups.}{Tim Jenness}
\addtohist{3.1}{2018-01-04}{Implementation of LCR-1024. Mention relevant OSS requirements.}{Tim Jenness}
\addtohist{3.2}{2018-02-09}{Implementation of LCR-1214. Update Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 nomenclature as defined in \citeds{LPM-231}. Shrink section Level 3 section and refer to Science Platform.}{R.~Gill, W.~O'Mullane}
\addtohist{TBD}{2018-02-28}{Implemented DM-12129: adoption of nanojansky flux unit, added point estimates for photo-z, and a few minor edits, updated document maintainer, curator and author list}{\v{Z}.~Ivezi\'{c}, Leanne Guy}
\addtohist{TBD}{2018-10-03}{Implemented comment \#4222 from LCR 1459}{ Leanne Guy}
\addtohist{3.3}{2018-10-24}{Implementation of LCR-1459. DM-12129: Adoption of nanojansky flux unit. DM-11247: Add additional alert packet contents to DPDD. DM-15566: DPDD incorrectly states "immediate" access to PPDB products. Updated document maintainer, curator and author list, added point estimates for photo-z and a few minor edits.}{\v{Z}.~Ivezi\'{c}, Leanne Guy}


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