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Creating new documents with templates

lsst-texmf includes cookiecutter templates that help you start new projects more quickly.

Set up

To use the templates, you'll need to install cookiecutter and have a local clone of the lsst-texmf repository.


You can install cookiecutter with :command:`pip`:

pip install cookiecutter

Or with Anaconda:

conda install cookiecutter


You need a local copy of lsst-texmf to use the templates. If you have :ref:`installed <install>` lsst-texmf, you'll have a lsst-texmf clone at $TEXMFHOME/... Otherwise, you can clone the repository now:

git clone

Quick start

Templates are located in the :file:`lsst-texmf/templates` directory. You can create a new document by passing the template's directory path to :command:`cookiecutter`. For example:

cookiecutter lsst-texmf/templates/presentation

Then answer the prompts to initialize the document. See the :ref:`template-list` section for information about specific templates.


These templates are included with lsst-texmf:

.. toctree::