LSST TeX macros and class files
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LSST LaTeX document class files

This repository contains LaTeX class and style files that can be used to create documents matching (reasonably closely) the LSST documentation standard. This includes the lsstdoc class for documents (including LDM, DMTN, and SQR) and a LSST-beamer package for making Beamer slide decks. lsst-texmf also includes DM's common BibTeX bibliographies.



To use these class files clone this repository and set $TEXMFHOME to the location of the texmf subdirectory. For example, with bash or sh:

git clone
export TEXMFHOME=`pwd`/lsst-texmf/texmf

In addition you need to add lsst-texmf/bin to you PATH so is found.

Next, read the docs at


Please refer to the lsst-texmf Developer Guide for contribution information.

If adding or removing files from the texmf directory, please remember to run the mktexlsr command and commit the new version of ls-R.

mktexlsr --verbose texmf