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LSST Distribution Server Account

Build Status

repos.yaml has been migrated to lsst/repos.

For a guide to using lsstsw, see:


Note: this directory is git managed.


path description
miniconda Anaconda Python distribution
bin software distribution binaries (rebuild, publish)
build directory where builds take place
distserver EUPS distribution server directory
etc configuration files live here
eups local installation of EUPS
lfs local installation of various packages, e.g. git (lfs stands for "Linux from Scratch")
lsst_build lsst_build software tools directory (separately git managed)
README the file you're reading
stack the EUPS software stack into which successfully built packages are installed
var contains lock files and log files
versiondb version database used by lsst_build to assign +N versions (separately git managed)

The most important directories to know about are etc (config files), stack (the built software directory), and distserver (the distribution server directory).


Source bin/setup.sh to add anaconda, EUPS, git, etc. onto the path, and to setup lsst_build tools (typically source it from ~/.bashrc).

Release workflow

Typical release workflow:

  • run rebuild, run acceptance checks until satisfied
  • git-tag the packages using mass-tag with the release tag
  • rerun rebuild with the tags
  • run publish current