Build system for LSST Data Management packages with standard layout.
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Complaints to Robert Lupton:

...or Jim Bosch:

For instructions on how to convert an older package to use the new sconsUtils:

More detailed information can be found in the sconsUtils Doxygen documentation.

For a "new" package template containing all the standard boilerplate, take a
look at the devenv/templates package.

What's going on with

  After the transition to git, we no longer had the ability to embed version
  numbers in our source code.  Instead, sconsUtils builds a by
  default for every package.  This is usually imported by the packages main file, so building this file is a prerequisite for using the
  package.  That means we always have to build even pure-Python packages
  before we can use them.

  The file should always be built and rebuilt by any scons command.
  If it isn't, please report it as an sconsUtils bug.

Why this package uses comments instead of docstrings:

  One can only import this package through an SCons script
  (otherwise various scons modules it imports aren't
  available on sys.path).  So there's really no way to
  inspect it interactively and look at the docstrings.
  On the other hand, we can get much prettier Doxygen
  outputs by putting Doxygen markup commands in comments
  (Doxygen ignores markup in docstrings), and we expect
  people to look at the Doxygen output for help.