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What is it?

Bearblog is a minimalist blogging engine built for nodejs. The point is to allow you to be up and running as quick as possible and to only do the things a blog really needs. It uses markdown language for posts and allows for full style customization.

Bearblog is intended for people who know what they're doing. You'll want to know a bit about nodejs, jade templates and markdown. It also wouldn't hurt to know about less, however you could just as easily write regular CSS/SASS/etc.


This is an important question, because there are a lot of other pieces of blogging software out there, free to use and perfectly capable of running your blog. I think there is still a place for bearblog though. First off, the pickings for a blogging engine written for nodejs are very small and none of them were simple enough for me to just be up and running how I wanted to be before creating bearblog.

Secondly, bearblog is written for developers. There is no bells and whistles, there isn't even an administration section. Everything you want to do, you can just do by customizing your copy of bearblog. It's a skeleton project. More on why I think this is better to come.

Installation and Setup

This is probably what you really want to know, so let me show you how easy it is to get up and running with bearblog.

git clone git:// myblog
cd myblog
node blog.js

That's all. Open up your browser now and visit http://localhost:3005 and you should see bearblog's default look with a few sample posts.

Writing Posts

Writing posts is incredibly easy, all it requires is a little structure and organization. Some sample posts are already set up for you that you can copy until you get it memorized.

You'll want to point your attention to the 'posts' folder. It is organized in here by year, and then by month. Inside each month are all the posts for that month. The name of the file is the slug in the URL. Inside each file, there are essentially 2 parts.

  1. Meta data
  2. Post content

Meta data is arranged in a "key: value" fashion and the post content is separated from it by two line breaks (\n\n). The post title and date are absolutely required in each post. Everything else is optional, though I plan on doing more with categories and tags in the near future so I recommend including them, along with an author for organization purposes. You can also add more stuff to this and do whatever you want with it.


Right now there is one view that lists out all posts it's given. This is actually quite awesome because we can either pass it 1 posts to get a single post view or all posts written in a year to get a listing page or all posts associated to a category to get a different listing page, etc. I don't think a blog benefits enough from summaries on listings, so bearblog just gives you the full article all the time.

The current version of bearblog supports a listing on the home page and individual view pages for every post. The initial page is arranged by date desc.

Major Planned Upcoming Features:

  • redirects files
  • sitemap generation
  • rss feed generation
  • visual improvement
  • COMMENTS! (sorry!)


Bearblog is very much a work in progress. It visually doesn't look great, it lacks customization, it only has an index and invidual post view at the moment and most of it isn't commented as well as I'd like it to be (if at all). This is because you're looking at the very beginning of this project. However, it's live and powering right now! So, it's a proof of concept and more good features to come down the road.

If you like the idea behind bearblog, use it! Send feedback, send ideas, get involved! Bearblog can only get better, and the more motivation I have from other people, the more I'm going to update and improve it!

Anyways, enjoy and keep checking back regularly.


2011 - Bearblog was created by Luke Stebner and Jon Victorino and is open for anyone to use.

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