A plugin for jQuery that allows you to create growl alerts
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V1.1 | 02.21.2011
Lots of (basic) feature support added
- closeIcon: path to a custom close icon
- onShow: callback function for when message is visible
- onComplete: callback function for when message completes
- position: a 2 part string position for the alert (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right)
- chain messaging support began, only does first and last sent messages right now (early work in progress)
- some code restructuring (sorry for the lack of comments, will come soon)
- demo updated to represent calls for the 4 corners

- Finish message queueing
- Expand demo to be a more functional documentation

V1 | 02.20.2011
by Luke Stebner (luke.stebner@gmail.com)
This is the release version 1 of my jQuery Growl Alert Plugin. It was created for a post on programming.linnnk.com and is available for anyone to use and expand as they please. Though if bugs are found or expansions are made I do ask that you share these with us in the comments on the post about the article. The post can be found at: http://programming.linnnk.com/javascript/jquery-growl-alert/

Feel free to contact me about this plugin via email, just make sure you include something in the subject that let's me know the email is in reference to this plugin or I may never read it!

Thanks and please enjoy this and be constructive in your criticism, not rude!

Current Features:
- Custom title/content text
- Manual close button
- Auto show on load
- Manually show function call
- Ability to change title/content through 'show' call
- Custom fade duration
- Custom message display duration

Future Plans:
- Custom close button
- Positioning options