My arduino sketchbook, with some processing stuff. Some by me, other stuff collected from the internet.
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data sheets


This contains my arduino and processing sketchbooks.

Some of the code is mine, some collected from the internet. Credit given when 
taken off the net - if you find something here that is yours and I haven't 
linked back to it (or you don't want it here) please let me know.

data sheets/ - data sheets for various parts in use, named by part number

wiki/ - wiki with notes, created with the textmate wiki bundle

ArduinoSketchbook/ - generic arduino sketchbook
- WiiChuckProcessedToSerial/ - an app from the net, that processed nunchuck data
			and outputs in on serial.
-	- WiiChuck.h - header that contains nunchuck functionality. may want to reuse
-	- WiiChuckProcessedToSerial.pde - the sketch itself

- scanTWI - Sketch that will scan the i2c bus, and report what addresses have a device
			on them over the serial port.
			FROM: + mods
- WiiChuckRawToSerial - prints nunchuck data over serial.
- DS1820ToSerial - talks to a DS1820 (and DS18x20 family of devices), and dumps both the raw 
			information retrieved from the devices and the calculated temperature over serial.
			Useful for general OneWire communication. Also has a Fritzing sketch for board

ProcessingSketchbook/ - generic processing sketchbook
- WiiChuckCube/WiiChuckCube.pde - app that will read data from the WiiChuckProcessedToSerial
			app on an arduino and map it to a cube.