The contents of the built-in libraries, plus added libraries. see README
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Arduino Libraries  v0017.0 (29/09/09)

This is the default libraries from arduino + modifications and aditional community
libraries. Community libraries will be listed below with links, as well as any notes
of changes to the official arduino libraries. 

This repo should live in hardware/libraries in your arduino dir
(e.g /Applications/ )

Currently based on: ver 0017 (will merge in new versions changes and 
increment this
								number when released.)

This was setup to provide a git repository of the arduino libraries, as well as a good
place for modified/additional code to be stored with revision control. 

Arduino Official site      -
Official library reference -
Making your own library    -
(nb: default stuff that hasn't changed not listed.)


29/09/09 - Updated to official 0017
3/22/09 - Updated libraries to official Arduino 0015. -alfanick
          Added EEEPROM library (external I2C EEPROM),
                Expander library (PCF8574 port expander),
                RTC library (DS1307 RTC).
1/04/09 - Updated libraries to official Arduino 0012. -transitdk