Some common util functions I use in Clojure apps, that don't need to be their own projects
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A set of common utility functions I keep re-using


This will retrieve a value from the current environment. If it's not there, it will fall back in to looking for the value in a .env file in the project root (in foreman key=value format). If the value doesn't exist there, it will fall back to either the default passed in, or nil


The standard pmap, but takes a value as the first argument that determines the concurrency level to map at. Useful for IO bound mapping, like processing a series of URLs concurrently.


Prints the passed in data to stdout. Can accept a variable length of string or map arguments, these are appended together with a space in between them. Maps are re-formatted in to k=v strings e.g:

lstoll.utils> (log "message" "more" {:a "b" :c "d"} "final")
message more a=b c=d final


Copyright (C) 2012 Lincoln Stoll

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.