So you love Banana's, but don't like the git aftertaste? With this module, you can use HG, but still play with others.
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# Work with bananajour using Mercurial


This module depends on the hg-git extension. It currently requires fixes that
are yet to be pushed to the master repo - clone for now, and add hggit = <clone>/hggit to
your .hgrc extensions. Then clone this repo, and add hg-bananajour=<clone>


You can discover bananajour repositories by running "hg paths".

 $ hg paths
 bjr-repo1 = git://linc.local/repo1.git
This can then be cloned

 $ hg clone bjr-repo1
To create a repository on your machine run

 $ hg bananajour-add
From your repository directory. You will need to be running bananajour
for this to actually be shared across the network.

Once the repository is added you will need to run "hg push bananajour" to
push an initial copy to the repo. When you want to make subsequent changes
publically available, run the command again.