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from openid import message as message_module
class Extension(object):
"""An interface for OpenID extensions.
@ivar ns_uri: The namespace to which to add the arguments for this
ns_uri = None
ns_alias = None
def getExtensionArgs(self):
"""Get the string arguments that should be added to an OpenID
message for this extension.
@returns: A dictionary of completely non-namespaced arguments
to be added. For example, if the extension's alias is
'uncle', and this method returns {'meat':'Hot Rats'}, the
final message will contain {'openid.uncle.meat':'Hot Rats'}
raise NotImplementedError
def toMessage(self, message=None):
"""Add the arguments from this extension to the provided
message, or create a new message containing only those
@returns: The message with the extension arguments added
if message is None:
warnings.warn('Passing None to Extension.toMessage is deprecated. '
'Creating a message assuming you want OpenID 2.',
DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2)
message = message_module.Message(message_module.OPENID2_NS)
implicit = message.isOpenID1()
message.namespaces.addAlias(self.ns_uri, self.ns_alias,
except KeyError:
if message.namespaces.getAlias(self.ns_uri) != self.ns_alias:
message.updateArgs(self.ns_uri, self.getExtensionArgs())
return message