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require 'riak'
require 'lib/utils'
# Connect and get a bucket instance
client =
bucket = client.bucket("test2")
# Ensure bucket is empty. When bugfixed, pass block direct to bucket
bucket.keys.each {|k| bucket.get(k).delete}
# Create and save a simple JSON object
new_one =, "item1")
new_one.content_type = "application/json" # You must set the content type. = "{'item': 'one'}"
# Create and save a second JSON object, linking to the first
new_two =, "item2")
new_two.content_type = "application/json" # You must set the content type. = "{'item': 'two'}"
# Linking. Must be a better way to create the URL?. Link is tagged parent
new_two.links << new_one.to_link("parent")
p "** Walk the Parent Link **"
p new_two.walk(:tag => 'parent')
keys = bucket.keys(:reload => true)
puts "*** All items in bucket ***"
bucket.keys.each {|k| i = bucket.get(k) ; p i ; p i.links}
#bucket.keys.each {|k| bucket.get(k).delete}
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