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Update README with riak install details.

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@@ -11,3 +11,15 @@ Ripple requires ActiveSupport (and Model?) from Rails 3. To get everything insta
gem install rails --pre
gem install ripple
+You will also need riak installed. Personally I do this using homebrew. I use the
+following command to ensure I am not installing from a cached download, and unlinking
+spidermonkey which gave me issures in the past. The current recipe in homebrew is
+labeled as riak 0.8 but is actually tip which was giving me issues - a proper 0.8
+recipe can be found at
+ brew uninstall riak ; brew unlink spidermonkey ;\
+ rm /Users/lstoll/Library/Caches/Homebrew/ ; brew install riak ;\
+ brew link spidermonkey
+you can then run 'riak start' to get the server up and running

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