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FIFA Worldcup 2018 - json data

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Thank you all!

Congrats France, well deserved!

Thank you for the support, I got really amazed when this little json file got 100 stars, and now its 324 stars!

So what have I actually learned,

First of all, be prepared on the json structure, with a better documentation, actually I never thought it would become so popular, so thats why I wasnt prepared enough.

I just made this json data for my little own worldcup overview, and then I added github topic tags, and then it just exploded with stars. And those github topics is actually the only "marketing" I have made of this, no topics on reddit or any other place.

Anyways, another thing I should have prepared to, is to use a lot "faster" and more relaible API to get the live scores, behind the scene, I have changed between 4 APIs, and I have made a LOT of manual labor also, and when I wasnt at home or saw a match with friends, thats where all you contributors where amazing!

Thank you all

This will properly be the last commit of this repo, I will keep it up for future reference, and maybe we will see each other again in 2 years when Europe Championship will be held in Denmark :D

Thanks again for the support!


To use the data in your app, you can use this link

Which will be updated

Data explanation

Match types


Means its a regular group match


Means it should look at the home_team and away_team fields where the code will be either winner_X or runner_X where X = the group key.

Eg: winner_h means the team will be the winner of the group H. runner_b means the team will be second placed team in the group B.


home_team and away_team will be a integer, meaning it should take the winner of the match.

Eg: home_team = 59 - means the winning team from match 59 will be the home_team


The opposite of the winner key (Only used for 3rd place play-off)

Eg: home_team = 62 means the losing team from match 62 will be the home_team

TV Channels

Each match has a array of channels. The tv channels will be defined in the json file aswell.

Knockout matches

Knockout matches can not end in a draw, so therefor a knockout match have the following

"home_result": null,
"away_result": null,
"home_penalty": null,
"away_penalty": null,
"winner": null,

When a match is completed it will look like this

"home_result": 0,
"away_result": 1,
"home_penalty": null,
"away_penalty": null,
"winner": <TEAM ID>,

The "winner" field will have either <TEAM ID>.

If a team wins after overtime, the result will be the same as above.

If a knockout match goes to penalty the result will be

"home_result": 1,
"away_result": 1,
"home_penalty": 5,
"away_penalty": 4,
"winner": <TEAM ID>,


Not very nice, but works - and you can try to see what happens with your expected results


  • More TV channels(?) - Need help from anywhere on the world :)