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ltGuillaume 2.1.7
- Color border of cmdline popup
- Toggle_night_mode: always check if css exists
- Toggle_night_mode: force light.css if using tt-rss commit 0237dee980 or newer
- Update_tt-rss: Show removed items in columns
- Update_tt-rss: Show "Please wait..." when Submit is clicked
Latest commit 02b105c Dec 13, 2019


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minimal_hotkeys 2.0.5 Jul 29, 2019
unread_oldest_first 2.0.1 Jun 28, 2019


Use cursor keys for quick tree-style article navigation. Forces the following hotkeys:

Hotkey Command Command with opened article
Up/Down Select article row Scroll through active article
Left Jump to top Deactivate article / focus headlines
Right Read selected article Read next article
Enter Read selected article Open link in new window
Ctrl+Left/Right Read previous/next article
(Numpad)0 Toggle unread


Replaces the default keyboard shortcuts with the following set:

Hotkey Command
[ / ] Feed previous/next
Left/right Article previous/next
Up/down Scroll
Enter Open link in new window
B Toggle sidebar
O Reverse order
P Toggle published
R Refresh feed
S Toggle star
U Toggle unread
X Close article
G A|F|N|P|R|S|T Go to All|Fresh|Night mode|Published|Read|Starred|Tags


Allow night mode toggle for custom themes (use yourtheme_night.css as filename). Reintroduces a N hotkey to toggle between day and night themes.


Changes the sort order to Oldest first when the view mode is Adaptive and there are unread articles, otherwise sets sort order back to Default. Needs tt-rss commit e981d52bda or later.

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