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Trends in atomistic simulation software usage

This repository accompanies the LiveCoMS article of the same name (under review).

Repository contents

  • manuscript.tex: Main manuscript in LaTeX
  • figures/: Figures of manuscript

Create the manuscript PDF via pdflatex manuscript.tex.

Paper writing as code development

This paper is being developed as a living document, open to changes from the community. You can read more about the concept of writing a paper in the same way one would write software code in the essay "Paper writing as code development". If you have comments or suggestions, we welcome them! Please submit them as issues to this GitHub repository so they can be recorded and given credit for the contribution. Specific changes can be proposed via pull requests.

List of Released Versions

  • v0.1: Submitted to LiveCoMS
  • v0.2: Revisions after peer review
  • v0.3: As soon as publishable (ASAP) version
  • v1.0: Published version


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of the license, visit


Git repository accompanying the LiveCoMS perpetual review on






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