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import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pylab as plt
def EqualAngle(Pl):
returns mapped plunge into equal angle projection
return 90.*np.tan(np.radians(90.-Pl)/(2.)) # convert to radians!
def EqualArea(Pl): ### Pl is an angle in degrees
returns mapped plunge into equal area projection
return np.sqrt(2.)*90.*np.sin(np.radians(90.-Pl)/(2.))
def dir2cart(Dir):
if len(Dir)>2:
return [R*np.cos(Az)*np.cos(Pl),R*np.sin(Az)*np.cos(Pl),R*np.sin(Pl)]
def cart2dir(X):
R=np.sqrt(X[0]**2+X[1]**2+X[2]**2) # calculate resultant vector length
Az=np.degrees(np.arctan2(X[1],X[0]))%360. # calculate declination taking care of correct quadrants (arctan2) and making modulo 360.
Pl=np.degrees(np.arcsin(X[2]/R)) # calculate inclination (converting to degrees) #
return [Az,Pl,R]
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