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LDAP Tool Box Nagios plugins

This is a collection of Nagios plugins and event handlers designed to monitor LDAP directories.

  • Check LDAP entry presence: Monitor any LDAP server's availability (simple search on a DN)
  • Check LDAP response time: Monitor any LDAP server's response time
  • Check slurpd status: Monitor OpenLDAP's replication status (slurpd)
  • Check Syncrepl status: Monitor OpenLDAP's replication status (syncrepl)
  • Check LDAP query: Monitor any LDAP query (search)
  • Check OpenLDAP cn=monitor information: Monitor OpenLDAP cn=monitor information
  • Check BerkeleyDB locks: Monitor BerkeleyDB locks
  • Check LMDB Usage: Monitor LMDB usage
  • Restart OpenLDAP event handler: Restart OpenLDAP on HARD state