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All Pythonista apps and coding


When I'm happily coding away on stuff I always seem to lose track of time and even though I can see the digital clock on the upper status area of my iPad I like to look at an analog clock like a widget on Windows and marvel at a smooth second hand. I have also been experimenting with redering svg graphics in Pythonista to create some very cool, smooth transitions so I created a very simple "Pythonista Gadget" to constantly view the time on a smooth second handed analog clock that I present As"sidebar" which lets me continue to use the live editor and even run other Python at the the prompt. Nothing fancy -- I never was a "ui guy", my expertise was on the back end, and the ui could use work -- but it it is practical for my personal use.

It also has the ability to speak the time and location on demand.

The SVG clock code should be attributed to its author, but I cannot determine the author. Instead, the particular location I found this clock via a google search for "svg analog clock in Python with smooth second hand" is:

I was working on making this a "talking clock" which was my original intention. I had controls to choose whether or not to announce the time, if so the duration between announcements and so on but I simply could not get a background thread going to do what I wanted to. Any suggestions on how to add a background task to poll for current time and then do something about it on a given schedule - in the Pythonista environment, and in Python -- would be helpful to finish this goal.