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On Windows download the ltfat-[version] or ltfat-[version] if your Matlab version is R2018a or higher.

Download the ltfat-[version]-src.tgz when working on a different system than Windows.

To start the toolbox run


GNU Octave

From within the Octave prompt run

   pkg install ltfat -forge

which will download and install ltfat from the official Octave forge site.

The ltfat-[version]-src-of.tar.gz is the identical version, which can be installed manually using

   pkg install  ltfat-[version]-src-of.tar.gz

Note that this only installs the toolbox. In order to make ltfat available run

pkg load ltfat

From the ChangeLog:

Version 2.4.0 12/10 2018

* Added universal filterbank phase reconstruction function:
  Thanks to Nicki Holighaus.

* Added time-frequency jigsaw puzzle tonal-transinet-residual separation:
  tfjigsawsep, plottfjigsawsep, demo_tfjigsawsep
  Thanks to Daniel Haider.

* Added coiflet filters up to K=17. 
  Thanks to KIMURA Masaru.

* Added wavelet function generator (supported Cauchy, Morse)

* Function cqtfilters now accepts windows from freqwin.

* MEX files are now compatible with the new MATLAB 2018a API.

* Deprecated cqt, icqt, erblett ierblett. Replacements:
  cqt: cqtfilters and filterbank
  icqt: filterbankdual and ifilterbank or ifilterbankiter
  erblett: audfilters with 'erb' and filterbank
  ierblett: filterbankdual and ifilterbank or ifilterbankiter ChangeLog

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