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UILabel that supports NSAttributedString
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AttributedLabel Example


This class allows you to use a UILabel with NSAttributedStrings, in order to display styled text with mixed style (mixed fonts, color, size, ...) in a unique label.
It is a subclass of UILabel, which adds an "attributedText" property. Use this property, instead of the "text" property, to set and get the NSAttributedString to display.

This class also support hyperlinks and URLs. It can automatically detect links in your text, color them and make them touchable; you can also add "custom links" in your text by attaching an URL to a range of your text and thus make it touchable.

In addition to this class, you will also find a category of NS(Mutable)AttributedString to ease creation and manipulation of common attributes of NSAttributedString (to easily change the font, style, color, ... of a range of the string). See the header file "NSAttributedString+Attributes.h" for a list of those comodity methods.

Finally, the textAlignment property (herited from UILabel) accepts the new value "UITextAlignmentJustify" (that actually match the kCTJustifiedTextAlignment constant) to justify the text in addition to being able to align it left, centered or right.

See the "AttributedLabel Example" sample project for an usage example (including customization of the color of visited links in the OHAttributedLabel)
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