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Train and test a system for negation scope resolution. This system was initially submitted to 2012 *sem shared task on negation scope resolution, ranking second in the closed track and first in the open track.


Sherlock requires python 2.7 and up, and a working installation of Wapiti.


$> python -h 
usage: [-h] [--pos POS] [--lemma LEMMA] [--training TRAINING]
                   --pattern_scope PATTERN_SCOPE --pattern_event PATTERN_EVENT
                   [--scope_model SCOPE_MODEL] [--event_model EVENT_MODEL]
                   --testing TESTING --output OUTPUT --wapiti WAPITI

Negation scope resolution.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --pos POS             specify the epe node property to use as pos. Defaults
                        to 'pos'
  --lemma LEMMA         specify the epe node property to use as pos. Defaults
                        to 'lemma'
  --training TRAINING   path to training data
  --pattern_scope PATTERN_SCOPE
                        path to a wapiti pattern for negation scopes
  --pattern_event PATTERN_EVENT
                        path to a wapiti pattern for negated events
  --scope_model SCOPE_MODEL
                        path to a pre-trained wapiti model for scopes
  --event_model EVENT_MODEL
                        path to a pre-trained wapiti model for negated events
  --testing TESTING     path to testing data
  --output OUTPUT       output file name
  --wapiti WAPITI       path to a wapiti executable, assumed to be in cwd if
  --cleanup             if enabled, sherlock will remove all intermediate

Getting started

A minimal invocation of Sherlock:

python --training trainingset.epe+ --testing testset.epe+ --wapiti ~/path/to/wapiti --pattern_scope ~/patterns/scope.pattern --pattern_event ~/patterns/event.pattern --output output.*sem --cleanup --pos pos --lemma lemma

When run with the --cleanup flag, Sherlock will produce two files: gold_testset_test.*sem (the *sem version of the test set, with gold negation annotations) and output.*sem (the system output).

To evaluate, invoke the 2012 *sem shared task evaluation script:

perl evaluation/ -g gold_testset_test.*sem -s output.*sem


This version of Sherlock accepts .epe+-formatted files as input. For more information, please see

Tweaking the system

Some pre- and post-processing heuristics, as well Wapiti hyperparameters, can be tweaked in sherlock/ Please see the helpful comments in the file itself.


Copy and paste to your .bib:

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UiO System for Negation Analysis Based on Sequence Labeling



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