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Tickers with random jitter

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Jitterbug provides functionality similar to time.Ticker, but with a configurable random jitter.

Jitterbug has no external dependencies, has a stable API, and is production-ready.


go get -u


Jitterbug is used by instantiating a jitterbug.Ticker with an interval and a jitterbug.Jitter. The former specifies a baseline interval for the ticker, to which a jitter is added by the latter.

package main

import (


func main() {
    t := jitterbug.New(
        time.Millisecond * 300,
        &jitterbug.Norm{ Stdev: time.Millisecond * 100 },

    // jitterbug.Ticker behaves like time.Ticker
    for tick := <- range t.C {

Jitterbug is compatible with the univariate distributions from GoNum. For example:

t := jitterbug.New(
    time.Millisecond * 300,
        Sampler: &distruv.Gamma{
            // Tip: cast time.Duration as float64 when using gonum's distruv
            Alpha: float64(time.Millisecond * 100),
            Beta:  float64(time.Millisecond * 200),

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