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Adding test script that talks to a nRF device over SPI

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1 parent 439eaca commit 95b4426575cc5495d47196f58bbc1024550bb874 @fake-name fake-name committed Mar 17, 2013
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+import spi
+# This is a very simple script that uses the rPi SPI port to read out the various registers in a nRF24L01+ device
+# connected to the rPI SPI port 0
+# It should be pretty self-explanitory
+status = spi.openSPI(speed=1000000)
+print "SPI configuration = ", status
+print "Reading nRF24L01 status registers:"
+for x in range(28):
+ dat = spi.transfer((x, 0))
+ print "nRF Register 0x%X: %X" % (x, dat[1])

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After I have installed the SPI-py
I run the

but I get error that: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'openSPI'

How can I fix that error.

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