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  bin/                                                      Laurence Tratt

This directory contains various utilities I've created over the years, most
too small to be worthy of the overhead of creating a stand-alone package
for, but still potentially useful to other people. My aim here is to package
them together in a simple fashion so that people can cherry-pick those
they're most interested in. Some of the utilities may also have separate
stand-alone releases, but that is not guaranteed.

Most of these utilities are for Unix systems, some for a specific Unix
(generally OpenBSD), though I aim to make as many of them portable as is
practical. Portability fixes are always greatly appreciated.

In that tradition, many of the utilities need little more than a Unix shell;
some require other languages (e.g. Python); and some may require other
external tools. Checking the first few lines of each utility should make it
obvious what its requirements are. Each utility is otherwise self-contained:
if you wish to use one or more of them, simply copy them to somewhere in your
path (I use ~/bin/, with my $PATH set appropriately).

Further, more detailed, documentation for some of the utilities can be found
at my website:

You can also find my contact details there for bug reports, code updates

Each script or utility is under an MIT / BSD licence.