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Add printing of min / max values.

Both are very useful when timing applications and, as such, should have been
present all along.
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1 parent 29b1d2b commit 2c9d54d7d2adaba29699485051c2d70e66517088 @ltratt committed Feb 18, 2012
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@@ -107,6 +107,8 @@ else:
md_user = all_users[i]
md_sys = all_syss[i]
+print("Mins: real %.3f user %.3f sys %.3f" % (all_reals[0], all_users[0], all_syss[0]))
+print("Maxs: real %.3f user %.3f sys %.3f" % (all_reals[-1], all_users[-1], all_syss[-1]))
print("Means: real %.3f user %.3f sys %.3f" % (mn_real, mn_user, mn_sys))
print("Std. devs: real %.3f user %.3f sys %.3f" % (sd_real, sd_user, sd_sys))
print("Medians: real %.3f user %.3f sys %.3f" % (md_real, md_user, md_sys))

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